As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, the field of computer science has become increasingly important in our daily lives. From smartphones to self-driving cars, computer science plays a vital role in shaping the world we live in. As someone who has always been fascinated by technology and its potential, I am eager to pursue a post-baccalaureate degree in computer science.

My interest in computer science began in high school, where I took my first programming course. I was immediately drawn to the logical problem-solving and creativity that programming required. I enjoyed the challenge of breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable tasks, and seeing the end result of my efforts in the form of a functioning program was incredibly satisfying.

Despite my passion for computer science, I did not initially pursue it as a career. Instead, I earned my bachelor’s degree in a different field and worked in that industry for several years. However, I found myself feeling unfulfilled and longing for a career that would allow me to combine my love of technology with my problem-solving skills.


That’s when I began researching post-baccalaureate programs in computer science. I was drawn to these programs because they are specifically designed for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree in a different field but are interested in pursuing a career in computer science. The idea of being able to build upon my existing knowledge and skills while also gaining new ones was very appealing to me.

After researching several programs, I decided to apply to XYZ University’s post-baccalaureate program in computer science. I was impressed by the program’s rigorous curriculum, experienced faculty, and strong reputation in the field. I also appreciated the program’s flexibility, which would allow me to continue working while pursuing my degree.


In my application essay, I highlighted my previous programming experience and how it had sparked my interest in computer science. I also discussed my current career and how I hoped to use my computer science degree to transition into a new field. I emphasized my passion for technology and my eagerness to learn and grow in this field.


I was thrilled when I received my acceptance letter from XYZ University. Since starting the program, I have been challenged in ways I never thought possible. The coursework is rigorous and demanding, but also incredibly rewarding. I have learned new programming languages and techniques, as well as gained a deeper understanding of computer systems and architecture.

One of the things I appreciate most about the program is the opportunity to work on real-world projects. For example, in one of my courses, I worked with a team to develop a mobile app that could help users track their daily water intake. We were responsible for every aspect of the project, from designing the user interface to writing the code to testing and debugging the app. It was a challenging and rewarding experience that gave me a taste of what it’s like to work on a software development team.

Another aspect of the program that I value is the opportunity to connect with other students and faculty members. Despite the fact that we are all studying remotely, I have been able to build strong relationships with my classmates and professors through online discussions, group projects, and virtual office hours. It’s been great to be part of a community of people who are all passionate about computer science and eager to learn from each other.


In terms of my future career goals, I am still exploring different options. However, I am excited about the possibilities that a degree in computer science could open up for me. I am particularly interested in software development, but I am also open to other areas such as data science, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. I know that the skills and knowledge I am gaining through this program will be invaluable in whatever career path I choose.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to pursue a post-baccalaureate degree in computer science. It has been a challenging and rewarding experience that has allowed me to combine my love of technology with my passion for problem-solving. I am excited about the future and all of the possibilities that this degree will open up for me.

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